Saturday, 13 December 2008

Once again I'm doing a good job at posting regularly on my Blog - it's been only 9 months since I last posted.

But anyway.

I've recently been focussed on working on Twilight. Over on the Forum of Doom, Sally (the very lovely Matriarch of the Hasslefree family) has been hinting at a new range that they are going to sell, and has now mentioned my name a couple of times... I guess it is safe to admit that Twilight has now found a home, and the range will be released next year, hopefully in time for Salute at the end of March.

I've not quite figured out what information I'm going to be giving out when, but I will start showing off finished sculpts in the near future - I've finished the Baruk and the Derakeer, along with some Fubarnii Militia (the spear guy) and a few other figures that I've thus far kept to myself!

Watch this space... hopefully I'll be back in slightly less than 9 months this time!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

My Circle Painting

My sculpting has been a bit distracted recently as I have been having fun painting my slowly expanding Circle of Orboros army for the Privateer Press game, Hordes ( It's been slow progress but I've got a few units that I am finally happy with.

Tharn Bloodtrackers:
These lovely models really inspired me to try and improve on my painting, and now tend to be included in most armies I field...

Tharn Ravagers:
Having painted the Bloodtrackers, I felt compulsed to revamp my rather poorly painted Ravagers. I've painted a full unit of six, but for some reason only included three in this photo...

These are my most recent unit, and it was quite a challenge to offset the darkness of all those black robes.

Warlocks: Morvhanna and Kaya:
I do of course need a couple of Warlocks to lead my troops. I'm still working on Kromac, but these two girls are almost there. Morvhanna does admittedly need a bit more work to finally finish her.


This is admittedly nothing to do with Circle, but I painted this guy a few months ago, and have finally got around to taking a photo...

Breaking the silence

As expected, I haven't been terribly regular with my blog posting... but I thought I would share some of the stuff I've been working on over the last four or five months.

The Travelling Court of the Brownie King:
On the sculpting front I put a lot of work into my entry for the Frothers 2007 sculpting competition. My entry got an honourable mention, which I'm proud of, especially given the general quality of the other entries. I'm currently hopeful that he'll be getting produced some time in the not-too-distant future.

Twilight: Fubarnii Derakeer
As for Twilight, progress has been sporadic. I've done a bit of work on the priest and a spearman, but did start a new character: Derakeer.
A Derak is a simple 'gun' carried by the Engineers who build them. The sculpt is far from finished and needs a lot of detailing, but I think he's coming along well so far. Sadly there is a little bit of scale creep with this guy, so he is obviously a slightly larger breed than his compatriots...

That'll do for the moment, although I did take a few photos of my painted Warmachine Khador and Hordes Circle units that might do for another post...

Saturday, 13 October 2007


I've been rather quiet for a while as I've not really been doing much sculpting - I've been rather distracted painting Tharn for my Hordes army...

However, last week I abandoned my half-painted wolf riders in order to do some more work on my pack-beast. After sculpting lots of bags on his back, I decided the poor fella needed a name. Baruk sounded about right.

So, here he is - a heavily laden Fubarnii Baruk pack-beast. I still need to neaten up some bits, but I'm kinda pleased with how he's turned out.

Friday, 17 August 2007

More Twilight Bits and Pieces

I appear to be being about as diligent with updating this as I thought I would be! Anyway, here are a few random pictures of Twilight critters.

Fubarnii beast of burden:
I've done lots of sketches of different beasts for Twilight, and I figured it would be fun to sculpt one as something to defend in the game.

Random Twilight Critter
I sculpted this guy ages ago. He was originally intended as a mount for priests. Not sure if it will be now, but I still like him.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

On the Corks - Twilight

I've been working on one project for a very long time now, and that is 'Twilight'. I originally started to create it as an unusual, non-magical fantasy setting, and just kept on from there. Thus were born the diminutive Fubarnii and the Belog who some treat as their gods. I've got a few models that I am working on for Twilight, and here are a couple of those.
I've got a few Fubarnii that I'm working on - some day I'll get them finished!
Fubarnii Priest:
I need to do a lot more on this guy, especially with his robes...
I'm kinda pleased with how this guy is coming along... I want to add lots more detail to his armour, and at some point I'll have to figure out what he is equipped with!

Painted Deadling

I sculpted this little fella a long time ago, and got him cast up when I sent some other models to the casters. I finally convinced my friend, Tony, to paint him for me and here he is! I haven't got a purpose for him, but I like how he's turned out :-)